March 2 2017 -New Rage Wallpaper!

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Feb 2017 Already?

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Rage of Bahamut Wallpaper

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New Rage of Bahamut Wallpaper

A new Rage of Bahamut Wallpaper has been released.

I really like this one:

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Well I’m back from my Vacation to Japan! I miss Japan so much! The Japanese people are awesome, super friendly and respectful. I had a lot of fun in Tokyo and Kyoto. And it is also true Japanese women are far superior to the rest of the women in the world (just my opinion) :P

I will be posting a bunch of my vacation pics shortly, I still have not got them all together but now have over 9GB of pictures lol. I will aslo get some pictures posted soon for some of my souvenirs.
*Just a reminder to any PC gamers, I “might” have a digital code for The Withcher 3 available let me know if interested :)

Also I was a bit suppressed no one did anything for contest 2? Let’s get this Rolling!

Recap: -Contest 2
(Toney will be the co-Judge)
*Just as before everyone finds and submit some pictures. However this time you will submit three (3) categories. (please submit 3-5 entries per a category for better chances at wining!)

Category-1. Anime image (Anime/Ecchi/ or Hentai) (submissions from our first contest cannot be used again.)
Category-2. Cartoon image, non-Anime/Japanese style (normal/or erotic).
Category-3 Asian Idol, Asian girls (Cosplay/Just damn Cute/or erotic )

*Too submit your pictures you will make a folder (your Name – Con2) “Example: Sanzo Con2” and upload the files

*(At least 7 people will need to participate) we have 14 in the group and at least 9 are fairly active
*Again once everyone has submitted their entry’s the Co-judge and I will pick a winner for eachcategory. (co-judge does not get to participate but will earn a 10HP for their services)

*Prize Recap:
Anime image winner = 15HP
Cartoon image winner =15HP
Asian Idol, Asian girl/s Winner=15HP
45HP in Prizes (Bonus 10HP goes to the Go Judge)

Please note, I am thinking about changing the HP prize to $5.00 Amazon Gift Cards since a lot of us no longer play Rage. Let me know what you all think! ASAP

Some fun Rage of Bahamut Wallpapers:

wallpaper1_1920_1080_mayshengekinoBahamut040814 shengikiNoBahamut_July shengikiNoBahamut_sept V-Day wallpaper_June wallpaper_may wallpaper1_1920_1080 wallpaper1_1920_1080_jan wallpaper1_1920_1080_nov august_wallpaper1_1920_1080

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