â–  Final Fantasy XIV


Final Fantasy XIV
(A Realm Reborn – Heavensward – Stormblood)

â– Free Company LNeko (Neko-Loli-Neko)
(Fun note: We chose this name as the Group was started by mostly players playing as  Miqo’te & lalafell.  All player races are welcome)

â–¼ Jenova (US)
â–¼ Rank 8 (Based in Gridania)
â–¼Guild House (Medium)
â–¼Recruiting (Yes)

↔ we are looking to grow and are very helpful. please feel free to contact me in game.

â–¼FC Leader (Tiny’treasure Goblin)
â–¼ Free Company leaders
        â–  Tiny’treasure Goblin
        â–  Sin Kasanui

                 â–  Tiny’treasure Goblin
                 â–  Sin Kasanui
                 â–  Ani Shikima
  â–¼ Members/Honorary Members
       â–  Sour-Cream N’Chives     
       â–  Tethealla Twilight
       â–  Bender Sixthreesix

▼■▼ Part of the FC and not listed, let me know to add you!

Sour-cream N’chives 08/13/2017 19:24:57


A Work in progress,

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