Random Pics from around Final Fantasy XI

Lots of Fun, Random Pics, helping Reeko get his last Black Belt Item for MNK, Working With Shikima to get her a bit more Bad Ass.

ffxi_2013.02.04_01.43.41 ffxi_2013.02.04_01.44.30 ffxi_2013.02.05_19.54.37 ffxi_2013.02.05_19.54.43 ffxi_2013.02.05_21.09.05 ffxi_2013.02.05_21.12.00 ffxi_2013.02.06_21.09.55 ffxi_2013.02.06_21.34.42 ffxi_2013.02.06_21.56.59 ffxi_2013.02.06_21.58.06 ffxi_2013.02.06_22.11.50 ffxi_2013.02.09_15.51.16 ffxi_2013.02.09_20.33.14 ffxi_2013.02.09_22.24.36 ffxi_2013.02.10_00.09.02


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